Waterjet Cutting

HARALD PIHL has offered waterjet-cutting (WJC) to customers all over the world for over 5 years. By combining our extensive knowledge in special alloys and titanium together with our WJC service, the customer gets a complete service throughout the whole process where the customer can buy both the material and the WJC directly from our warehouse.

Why you should choose waterjet cut parts from HARALD PIHL:

• We draw your parts directly to our CAD system. Our specialists are good in nesting and plate optimizing resulting in competitive prices to you
• Materials and waterjet cutting in same facility provides you a flexible and fast delivery
• Narrow tolerances up to (+/-0.15mm)
• Customized cutting-qualities (rough, medium, fine)
• Cold working method – No buildup of inner tensions in the material, melted edges or hardening of the material.
• Cost effective for small as well as big series
• Big variation in thickness of sheets/plates (0,25mm –> 70mm)
• Environmental friendly method

Minimum hole diameter: 3mm
Longest cutting distance: 4200mm
Widest cutting distance: 2500mm

Guillotine Cutter

For cutting of strips or fixed dimensions (square or rectangle shapes)
Maximum width: 3050mm
Sheet thickness Titanium: Up to 8mm
Sheet thickness Nickel: Up to 6mm
Cutting tolerance: (-0/+3mm)


Coil Handling Machine

For cutting of coils to lengths, up to 1mm thickness.
Maximum width: 1250mm
Cutting tolerance (-0/+3mm)

Band saws

For cutting of bars and/or pipes up to 460mm in OD.
Cutting tolerance (-0/+3mm)

Abrasive Cutting wheel

For cutting of fines tubes from 2mm up to 20mm in OD.
Cutting tolerance (-0/+3mm)

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